Today’s world confronts professonials with great challenges. The economic, technical, human and micro-political complexity at our workplaces creates pressure and sometimes grows over our heads.

Wouldn’t it be good in such difficult situations if you didn’t have to brood over your problems alone. If you didn’t need to reach decisions all by yourself? If you could talk things over and consult with someone who wishes you well and helps you unravel the many threads that sometimes seem to form inextricable knots in your mind?

It would need to be someone who can listen well, but at critical moments say something intelligent, or ask the right question. Someone who sees with a trained eye where where snags may be that cause things to get stuck. Someone who sees the world through two lenses – yours and his – seeing a whole new picture that he shows you. Someone who gives you appreciation and respect, but also confronts you with honest and bold feedback, which otherwise – especially once you have reached a high position in your organization – may be in short supply. Someone who is not an arrogant know-it-all, but rather a humble inquirer who trusts the productivity of a well-crafted dialogue.

This dialogue would not take place between a helpless seeker of advice and a wise counselor with superior knowledge. Instead it would involve two experts with different qualifications, who jointly create synergies through combining their differences.

Depending on the circumstances, he should be an empathetic clarification assistant, an illustrative teacher, a calm and level-headed adviser, a sympathetic and honest fellow human being, an effective trainer, an encouraging development worker and a discreet confidant. Someone who treats you both as a professional, and as a human being. And finally, someone who does not exclude in-depth problem analysis, but places more emphasis on your goals and solutions.

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